About Nicole

In 2012 Nicole Martin took a bold step when she authored The Ticket, a book written for the express purpose of helping children find a safe path out of a sexually abusive situation.   Married fourteen years to husband Ben, this mother of nine, which include three children from under her heart and six children from her heart, understands first-hand the effects that abuse survivors are subject to.  Knowing that it is difficult, if not impossible for some victims to reach out and expose the abuse to begin with, The Ticket gives children a tool that helps them take that first step without the shame, guilt or fear that are typically strongholds the abuser has over them.  

Of course Nicole’s passion extends beyond helping people out of an abusive situation, and encompasses healing for children and adult survivors as well. Her hope is that they receive truth and fully believe their value and worth, not allowing the abuse to define them.   Faith and a love for Jesus helped Nicole overcome her fears and doubts, giving her the courage to share her story with others so they can find their voice and accomplish powerful things.  When Nicole isn’t speaking, writing or holding down the fort at home, she enjoys time at the gym, hiking, and camping with her family. 

Your voice and story matters. Trust even when you can't see it, that you have a purpose that NO ONE else can fulfill.~Nicole Martin