The Ticket/Book

Gracie is a typical young girl. She goes to school, plays with her friends, and is often in the trusted care of The Man while her mother works. But when The Man crosses the line from adoring adult to sexual abuser, suddenly Gracie’s carefree life is full of uncertainty and entrusting another adult with her secret is a frightening thought. Unsure of what to do, Gracie goes about daily life keeping the secret deep inside. Then, while at her school's library Gracie, finds a book with a ticket in the back. The Ticket allows her a safe way to share with an adult, exposing the abuse without enduring the horror of having to speak the words aloud, or describe explicit details.   With amazing simplicity, Nicole Martin provides children with the words needed to find a way out of the shame, guilt and fear that can often keep horrific secrets buried and allow abusive situations to continue.