Friday, January 23, 2015

Love is....

Whether you vaccinate your children or are against them, I pray you make an educated choice for your family. If you choose to teach your children about Buddha, Joseph, Jesus, another god or maybe no god, I pray you earnestly seek your heart and all truth regarding it. Whom ever you love, love them deeply. If your skin is a shade darker or shade lighter, I hope people see you for your heart and not the color of your skin. Some of us were raised to believe what we believe and some of us have come upon that conviction through our life. I have very strong convictions in my heart, as so do you, we all do. I think everyone should have a choice, because Jesus, who I love with all my heart gave me a choice, He never forced, breathed down my neck or thump his ways on my head. He loved me just where I was, who I was and all of me, even though I was far from follow His ways, He just loved me. I hope to try and mimic that kind of love by loving others without judgment. I don’t always win at this, but my heart earnestly desires to love all people, of all walks of life, exactly where they are. That act of grace was my absolute greatest gift I ever received, the gift of unconditional love, by a God that had every right to give up on me. Today, tomorrow or next year when you encounter someone that walks a different walk, talks a different talk and loves a different language than you, love them and love them well, you will be giving them the greatest gift one can give.

Friday, January 2, 2015

You are worth it.

Sometimes loving a child through their pain and brokenness is hard. You don't always get to see the end result, the reward of your hard work. Sometimes you are just a stepping stone in their journey, a small but mighty ripple in their ocean. So often what people are doing to help broken children is an invisible act of love not seen by others but remember it's always felt by the child. 

To the teacher that brings in extra food for the child she knows hasn't ate a meal in days, the neighbor that always invites the 'troubled child' over to hang with her family so often she feel like she has an extra child or the parent of an adopted child that is in the trenches picking up the pieces to their child's broken past. Thank you! You may not hear that from the child today or see your seeds of love growing in them just yet, but one day it will happen. The next time you're having a hard time walking in love towards this child, grab them by the cheeks, look them in the eye and tell them they are worth it, because they are. Once upon a time I was worth it and I am forever grateful to all the people that looked me in the face as a broken child and said you are worth it, Nicole! Today I completely agree with them, all their endless acts of love were worth it. Don't give up the fight even when it seems overwhelming. Broken children have broken hearts but when someone tells a child they are worth it, watch and see the broken become whole again.

Monday, October 6, 2014


I had the privilege to sit down with Nicole Crites of CBS 5 you can watch the interview here and if you like it would you please share with the people in your life?!
Watch Here


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life's little teachers

Sometimes I am just done with the selfishness that my children can show.

They forget to pick up their dirty clothes or clear their place at the table and when I send them back to do it, they react as if I told them to clean the whole house. They don't always appreciate the meal I prepared in the mist of my hectic day to nourish their tiny growing bodies. I send them back to make their beds for the 5th time some mornings and you would think the world was ending. They so often speak to each other with rudeness and I want to pull my greying hair out!

But then…..

I see myself and I am just done with my own selfishness.

I overreact about way to much. I speak in anger. I push away instead of wrapping their little arms around my neck. I get so busy with caring for them I forget to invest in them. I am expected to teach my children, love, patience and grace when I to often lack those qualities myself. I wonder how that will turn out?

But thats where His Grace comes in

He gives me fresh eyes and reminds my heart that even though my kiddos may have moments of selfishness, they also show some of the most purest forms of love I have ever seen or read about.They see the world through innocent eyes and teach me to view it more in a simple way. And although I can be so selfish, my kiddos are the best at showing me and teaching me forgiveness because they are so quick to extend grace my way.

Life is a long process where we all are learning and growing each day and some of our greatest teachers are little, messy but extremely cute people. Take the time to learn from them today. There is just something pure and simple about a child's view of this world.

I am so blessed to have my little teachers in my home every day to teach me along life's bumpy yet beautiful road.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Interview over at Mindset Self-Defense Magazine

Have you heard of Mindset Self-Defense Magazine yet? It's a great magazine where their focus is on safety and well-being. I recently did a interview with them about The Ticket and childhood sexual abuse, and have came to love the amazing people behind it all. Go check out the interview starting on page 11 and show them some love, because any company that will shine a light on childhood sexual abuse is awesome.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Do you know?

Do you believe you have unimaginable worth the kind of worth that can’t be taking away by the actions or words of anyone or anything? Do you know you have more value than all the riches of this world or that you are chosen and deeply sought after by the creator of the universe? Have you ever stop to think about how the God of the universe calls you His child and part of His royal priesthood? 1 Peter 2:9  says; But you are chosen people,a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness and into his wonderful light. Do you know heaven celebrates with your victories and weeps with your sorrows and that heaven is cheering you on as you continue on this journey? Do you know that God calls you His beloved and has a special name chosen just for you, something unique just between the two of you? Do you know you were created out of love?
Does your heart believe all the above statements?

My husband and I have a special name and saying for each of our children. It’s a simple, but yet, sweet nickname and a special way we say, “I love you” to each of our children. We started this when our youngest was born, I had at the time, recently read a book about a father that traveled a lot for work and how he wanted each child to always feel special, unique and deeply loved by him so he started doing unique things just between them. The father in the book did this because he wanted his children to always know they weren't just his children but a special and unique person that he was blessed to be able to call his child. It’s been over five years since we followed in this simple gesture of love and my kids all use their individual “I love you”  to us and will correct my husband or myself if we simple say a normal “I love you” to them. Our children do that because even though they still are young they know the value of being treated special and unique. What’s even cooler to think about is God think that way about us, only it’s on a much larger scale, He sees each of us as special and has placed a “nickname” on you that is perfect to who you are and just as unique as He created you to be. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it. ~ Mark Twain 

Many people struggle with forgiveness, I think that is because they believe if they give forgiveness to their abuser, they are giving their abuser a big thumbs up, as in, 'it was all okay what you did to me'. I believe forgiveness is completely different than that, it is accepting what has happened to you and no matter how much hate, anger, or bitterness you hold inside, your past can’t be changed. Yet, through forgiveness your future can be completely different.

That broken heart you are caring inside that is broken into so many pieces, I know you want it fixed and to become whole again. I know it hurts to keep your heart this way. I understand, another person caused your heart to be in this condition, so why would you ever want to give them your forgiveness? They don’t deserve it, you are right. What if I told you though, your forgiveness isn’t for them but for you? What if you releasing your hope that your past was different would set your future free. You can’t just stop being angry or remove the hatred you have for them instantaneously, but that can happen when forgiveness is present and activated in your life. Giving forgiveness does not excuse their behavior or allow it to appear that you are okay with what has happened to you, because frankly, you will never be okay with the action someone took while using your body for their pleasure. Their actions were wrong and one of the deepest and most painful ways a human can violate another human being. They took advantaged of your innocence and stole your childhood. It should never be downplay what done to you. It was awful and should never have been part of your life. The fact is, it did happen, he did sexually abuse you and it hurts. But today you can start the process to forgive, to except your past and to start letting go of the anger you harbor inside your heart. Forgiving is the greatest gift you will ever give yourself!