Wednesday, February 18, 2015

You are not alone

What if more people knew our stories, knew our past, our short comings and those secrets we pretend don’t exist? What would happen if we all started talking more open about our lives. I think a lot of good would come, when we no longer live in such a private culture. I think powerful things happen with transparency, vulnerability and facing our giants. 

If people knew how once upon a time I was so afraid to speak up, I was unsure of myself and let my past rob me of the present and also the future they wouldn’t believe I was the same person today.

Sexual abuse was my dirty little secret but also so were all my lies, lack of confidence and raging anger. I lived a fake life and it robbed me of a real and beautiful life that was waiting to be lived. It's scary to let people in to the real us, the broken us, the not so perfect Facebook status worthy us. We all have baggage and lingering insecurities, pains and hurts from our childhoods. We all have arguments with our spouses, fail some days as parents, financial struggles, addictions of some sorts, but we also all get up after we fall, continue when we are exhausted and some days we need each other so much more than we want people to know. Our stories, not just the horrific and horrible parts but the small day to day events should be told and shared, because we all have them and eventually that story and healing will become someone else's beginning, while also letting them know they are not alone in what they are facing even though so many people believe they are just that, alone.