Thursday, February 5, 2015

It all matters

He’s not surprised even a little bit by your crazy busy schedules, your exhausted eyes, or your need for life to slow down just for a moment. He knows your fears, he see your hardest days, your moments of weakness, your momentary lack of patience and your quiet desire to pull out your grown up clothes that have long been collecting dust in the back of your closet. He sees it all, and guess what, he still adores you and is so proud of your heart to love and serve these little people he has entrusted you with. He isn’t out helping more important causes while leaving you to tend to the smaller tasks, because this isn't a smaller task, its the biggest task, the most important to His heart and that is why He entrusted it to YOU. You are loving and nurturing a child created straight from the breath of God’s own heart and he wants to carry you through all the long and exhausting days, so you will have the strength to continue through this journey of parenthood.” Parenting is hard, there are no time outs, no start overs, no I give ups, but that’s right where he works the best, in our weakness, he shows his strength the best.
Rest in this today, that you as a parent, whether, biological, adoptive, step, foster, relative or any other form that deserves the title of parent, you have been called to something that is dearest to His heart. You were chosen because he knew you were more than capable, and that even when you think you are failing he thinks you are doing a wonderful job at loving the children that he has ask you to raise up into amazing people.