Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Letting go

No matter how deeply it hurts or how great the loss will be in our life, sometimes we have to let people go.These people that we have to let go, they will never know the value they have or the emptiness their loss will bring. Them not knowing this is not because it wasn’t shown or that they weren’t loved enough to know, but because some people no matter how much you love them just don’t believe they have enough worth for that love in the first place. As deeply as it hurts to let them go we have to remember that their hearts are just as broken that they weren't able to love us the way we deserved, so they further retreat from our love. They themselves have been hurt deeply, let down to often and still have deep unhealed wounds of rejection that they still have to walk through.This is why we must tell people daily of their worth, of their value and how important they are to this world, so some child, mother, friend, brother, sister or father doesn’t have to let someone they deeply love go because this person didn’t get the memo that they matter and that their absent will cause a great empty place in another persons life.