Friday, March 28, 2014

Are you listening?

Does God do small talk? Is there a place in the Bible where you’ve read of God to chit chat with people or use empty words to fill the awkward moments of silents? Whenever God speak it’s spoken. When He tells you to go do something, warns you or sends a person to be His voice of reason for your life, listen. He means it, God chooses His words wisely and they are always sent at the perfect time. It’s not that God doesn't want to have intimate talks and special moments between himself and His children because He does, but His words are chosen carefully to benefit our life. So, even when the words seem painful, hard or unjust, listen and know He has some crazy awesome reasons behind each syllable that rolls off His tongue.

God sent Ezekiel to Israel with a word to share but God also told him that they still wouldn’t listen! So, why would God have Ezekiel go all that way to share a word that wouldn’t be received? The bible says Ezekiel was being sent to a familiar place where they spoke his language, perhaps he was known there, perhaps it was harder for him or maybe God knew he would grow from this experience, but why did Ezekiel have to feel all the torment over the choices of others? Why wouldn’t God just go directly to the source? After all He is God and could get their attention by a burning bush or something, right? Ezekiel was even banned from praying for them, God would only undo his bound tongue when He wanted Ezekiel to share a word. Why? What would be the reason behind such a process that seems could have been resolved with the power of the Almighty and a burning bush or maybe even a talking donkey?

God knew the strength, courage and endurance Ezekiel would gain from this process and also God is a big giant teddy bear that loves all of His kiddo’s so much He is willing to send messenger after messenger to reach each child that has drifted away. He doesn’t want to leave even one behind. So He extend offer after offer for each of us to stay the course that He has set before us. God is always talking we just need to tune our ears to hear His ever present voice that can and will reach us through whatever means He knows our hearts will hear.

Story found in Ezekiel Chapter 3