Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Life's little teachers

Sometimes I am just done with the selfishness that my children can show.

They forget to pick up their dirty clothes or clear their place at the table and when I send them back to do it, they react as if I told them to clean the whole house. They don't always appreciate the meal I prepared in the mist of my hectic day to nourish their tiny growing bodies. I send them back to make their beds for the 5th time some mornings and you would think the world was ending. They so often speak to each other with rudeness and I want to pull my greying hair out!

But then…..

I see myself and I am just done with my own selfishness.

I overreact about way to much. I speak in anger. I push away instead of wrapping their little arms around my neck. I get so busy with caring for them I forget to invest in them. I am expected to teach my children, love, patience and grace when I to often lack those qualities myself. I wonder how that will turn out?

But thats where His Grace comes in

He gives me fresh eyes and reminds my heart that even though my kiddos may have moments of selfishness, they also show some of the most purest forms of love I have ever seen or read about.They see the world through innocent eyes and teach me to view it more in a simple way. And although I can be so selfish, my kiddos are the best at showing me and teaching me forgiveness because they are so quick to extend grace my way.

Life is a long process where we all are learning and growing each day and some of our greatest teachers are little, messy but extremely cute people. Take the time to learn from them today. There is just something pure and simple about a child's view of this world.

I am so blessed to have my little teachers in my home every day to teach me along life's bumpy yet beautiful road.