Friday, June 28, 2013

Why I hate labels and want them out of my vocabulary.

Labels and how they affect us has been laid on my heart the past few days. The labels that were placed on us as children and even still as we become adults, and how we usually live up to what we are labeled. Most of my labels came from Dr's and some teachers. I could go through and use most the letters in the alphabet with all the abbreviations of "things" that were placed on me as wrong or not normal. Most of us don't even realize we label our children or put groups of people in labeled boxes. We like to label people in our culture, I think we do it to help us gage what we think is normal and to make us feel more normal. You know, the normal we as people have deemed as how one should be, act and live. It's a tiny box, one that most don't fit into, yet we try very hard to push and squeeze ourselves till we fit. When we are labeled damaged goods,victim, misfit or a misbehaved child, we tend to act the way society labels us. I have a new proposal. Lets rip away the labels, the ones placed on us by society, the medical community, our parents, teachers, friends and even ourselves. Lets put on a new image, the one that was placed there from the beginning from the one that created us. We were all made and formed perfectly not a mistake was made when forming Each of us. Psalm 139:13: You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb. God doesn't mess up! When one of us is abused we feel we are damaged but thats not truth.  We are His masterpiece, His beloved, His creation.  Now, if you are one that must do labels those last three are for you!