Saturday, July 6, 2013


I believe it's nearly impossible to be around other people and not have a desire placed on your heart to speak love and encouragement into those lives. I think that desire is real and put there for a purpose. People need what you have to give, so you should give! You might just be part of a much bigger plan in someone's life. How crazy cool is that? A simple act of love by you, could change another persons life.  I know it can be scary and uncomfortable, you could even be rejected.  I know the fear of rejection has held me back plenty of times. We need to remember that love given is never waisted. Have you ever been out somewhere and just had a pull at your heart towards another person? The kind where you just knew they needed encouragement or love given. Yet, you didn't know why or how you came to that feeling. How many times have you just not been able to shake the pull towards a person? That is real and we need to not ignore it. We could ignore it and move on choosing not to act on whats been laid on our hearts or we can be part of something so much bigger than ourselves. Encouragement is a gift to both involved. To the one that receives,  it's life building and to the one that gives, a priceless gift of being part of someone else's life  in such a special way . I once had an opportunity where I was sitting at a restaurant with my husband and a lady a few tables away was laid heavy on my heart. Why?  I didn't know her or a single thing about her, yet, as I sat there eating dinner I couldn't avoid that pull towards her. My husband said to me, "if you feel lead to encourage her then do it".  Easier said then done, right? So as we were walking out of the restaurant, I purposely walked past her, took a silent deep breathe and spoke what I felt was laid on my heart for her. She paused, examining my face for a moment then burst into tears and said "thank you" as she stood and hugged me. I didn't get her story or the details of why a simple act could cause such emotions of gratitude but it did and I am still thankful I was able to be part of her life even if only for that moment. I love to give encouragement and to get encouragement. I doubt there are to many of us that wouldn't say the same thing. Its a universal gift that everyone wants and needs always, encouragement never becomes outdated.