Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You can change the world by helping a child

There are a lot of broken adults walking around today from the abuse they suffered as a child in silence. If we do not become a society that is a safer place to release these secrets, there will be many more broken adults to come. We need to learn to see the red flags, the broken spirits, the lingering affects and scars that so many children are walking around with today.  If we start helping the broken and voiceless children today, we will see hope and health in them tomorrow. It does't take a super hero to be this person. This person is YOU, the teacher, the coach, the church family, the neighbor, the nurse, YOU. We all need to start seeing and believing that childhood sexual abuse is real and that we at this vary moment already know a child or even more, that is currently being sexually abused. Stop and absorb that truth. If you know more then 6 children, statistically then, you already know a child right now that is being sexually abused. Will you be their ticket out? Will you see the signs? This child that is being abused, doesn't have a red sign around their neck but we were all born with a intuition, that gut feeling, the one we turn off and sometimes ignore, don't. We need to see with our eyes more and listen to our hearts more. Imagine a neighborhood, a school, a church, a city, all full of heroes being a voice for the voiceless. This is possible and something that is tangible and in reach. I believe it, do you?