Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Healing is a journey

Healing can be so deceiving. I often get emails and asked by so many of you when or how I became healed from my past. My heart wants to be nothing more than transparent, honest and vulnerable with my own story and past with sexual abuse. I never want to give the false illusion that I have completely walked through all the yuck from my past, because I haven't. It may seem that when someone has gone through the healing process enough to share their story and encourage others that they are healed or have arrived at such a place. Just remember when you break your leg you will probable wear a cast, stop walking on it and tend to the healing process of that break. One day the cast will come off and you will get an all clear by your Doctor that it is healed.  Yet, still in a X-ray you can see where your leg has been previously broken long after its been said to have healed. So what does that mean that you can't be healed or move past your abuse? No, absolutely not! Healing is possible and victory is offered, but don't let the illusion that someone is completely healed and you are not be able to discourage you! There are triggers and these triggers may lessen, but do they ever completely leave? For me they haven't completely yet, healing is an ongoing journey that has its ups and downs. So, can an anxious heart still cause me to have fear? Yes, absolutely, though less and less each day. What about a simple smell or comment being able to bring me right back to that place? Yes again. Do I have forgiveness and victory in my heart? Absolutely, I love the place I am in but I am aware that I am not "there" wherever "there" is. Transparency is so important and having sensitivity to each persons own journey. We each have our own story and no two stories are alike. Just as no two healing journeys are the same. Encouraging others is a powerful gift that I think everyone should freely give out, because you never know where in their journey they currently are!