Wednesday, October 23, 2013


What would happen if we could see into other people's hearts and see their struggles and their insecurities, would we treat them differently? Would we extend more grace, compassion or patience to them? My guess is yes, I think we all would. Yet, so often we judge, and assume how someone should be, act or deal with their life. A life we truly have no understanding of because it's one we haven't walked through. How often do we pass by the mother with young children in a store that is overwhelmed just to leave her feeling as if all eyes are on her in judgement? How often do we judge the man on the corner that is completely intoxicated while asking for money? You may even have a coworker that is angry, always late and makes your job that much harder, we need to remember each person has a story and a past and some of these people have stories that most of us couldn’t even imagine walking through. I challenge each of us to extend love to all the people in our lives. Whether they are family, friends, a coworker or a stranger passing by in a store, let's chose to love them as though we know they are carrying a few heavy burdens because we all are. No one is exempt from life's burdens, even the people that want you to believe their world is perfect. I often think these people probably need love more then the transparent person you can see is filled with pain. So, lets be intentional with every person we encounter today. There are no accidents, each person was placed there for a reason and we have something to give to them, so lets give. 

Hug the hurt, kiss the broken, befriend the lost, and love the lonely ~ Author Unknown