Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Has the word "No" lost its value? I personally don't think the over use has changed the value of our no, at least not to most people. I do however think many children don’t believe their no has any value.

 I never said no to my abuser, not even once. In fact, I never said a word during the abuse that I can recall. I think the lack of words on my part caused me to further believe his overpowering lies. Even if I had said the word no, would such a tiny word have even stopped him? If ever there was going to be something that would provoked a moral change in him to stop, I am certain the look on my face was all the no he would have ever needed.  How many children do you think are not using the word no because of lack of self worth while self doubting it has any real power? Being taught as a child to say no probably wouldn’t have changed my outcome, cowards don’t usually care about the words of a child they are sexually abusing. What I do think is a powerful tool is filling our children so full of self worth, self esteem and truth that it's overflowing and seeping out of every pour of their being, now, that I believe is a way to end sexual abuse. Words have very little value to predators but the confident child that knows their worth is a very scary target.