Thursday, July 17, 2014

Your healing will one day be someone else's beginning

What if more people knew our stories, knew our past, our short comings and those secrets we pretend don’t exist? What would happen if we all started talking, sharing and speaking out? What good would come from it all, if any? I personally think powerful things happen with transparency, vulnerability and facing our giants in order to heal. Eventually your healing will become someone else’s beginning.

We all have a story that is waiting to be told. If people knew how once upon a time I was so afraid to speak up, that I was unsure of myself and let the past rob me of the present and the future, they wouldn’t believe I was the same person today. Sexual abuse is the dirty little secret no one likes to talk about. And this is what predators know and count on. People shy away, they shut down, they bury the horrible stories because it is so horrific. Other causes, diseases, and social issues are ‘easier’ to talk about. If people would understand that breaking the silence breaks that stronghold, that speaking our truth strips the power away, what steps we could make at putting an end to one of the most devastating epidemics this country faces. And if I can do it, if I can help just one more person find their voice, for me that is what makes it all worth it. I believe powerful things can be accomplished when our voices our united. Our past doesn't have to stay broken and ugly it can become beautiful, powerful and instrumental in someone else's life.