Sunday, September 15, 2013

Carrying each other's burdens

What do I know of holy? What do I know of His heart? Not very much, but I truly want to. I want to love in a true unconditional way, not just when it’s convenient or easy, but always, as Jesus does. I desire to be so intertwined with other people that I pray for them before they even ask. I want to rejoice with each of you, not because I should, but because my heart can’t help but overflow with love and joy for others. I want to be ok with having altercations with people, because any relationship that can walk side by side in this journey together must be willing to get messy together. I desire to be so in tune with the people around me that the moment they are struggling, I feel it and act on it in love. I want to genuinely love people better. We were all given gifts and talents from God and He gave them freely to us. I believe He did so in hope that we would use them freely to bless and encourage other people. We need each other, we were never designed to walk this world alone. I know I wouldn’t be here with out the love of so many of you. He designed us to be in community through friends, family, church and so on. It was never His purpose or design for us to be strong and handle this life alone. I think He calls us to show venerability in order for others to strengthen their ability to love better. At the end of my life the one thing I hope is, that I loved others well and thought of them more then myself. I pray my heart becomes more like His and less like mine each day.

Carry each other’s burdens.....Galatians 6:2