Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What I saw through her hands

Growing up, I saw my family as perfect. I think most children do. I didn’t see their flaws or imperfections. I saw through the eyes of a child. Simple and pure. As I grew I came to realize that no person is perfect and we all have a journey that we have and will have to walk through. 

My grandmother has been here visiting us from Michigan. Its been so wonderful to have her here to visit and for my children to get to know her better. I had her over the other day to watch a movie just her and I. As we were watching the movie I looked down and saw her hand on my lap and I thought about what she and these beautiful hands has had to walk through. She came from the generation of people that were taught that they didn't have a voice and taught to keep their problems to themselves. Something about these hands brought me to tears. She caught me and we were able to talk. Which is something that as she has aged means so much to me.

 Grandparents have powerful stories, they have lived and walked through so much. We all need to take the time to slow down to learn from the hardships they have already walked through. I pray that when my grandchildren look down at my aged hands one day they will see victory, strength and hands that chose to love deeply.