Thursday, July 25, 2013

Moving on and letting go

I still talk to almost everyone from my past to some degree. I have always felt if you were placed into my life it was for a reason. Maybe the truth is really because I hate goodbye's. Either way, if you and I have met at any point chances are we still talk.
Occasionally though, I do run into people from my past. Ones that I haven't seen or talked to in many years. I had the pleasure to do that recently. It started out great, with hello's, a little small talk but then it goes to who I use to be. The girl filled with anger, low self esteem and probably intoxicated. I then feel a little insecure and I find myself allowing all these little old lies to creep back in. It was a short visit but just enough time to stir emotions of self doubt and insecurities. I came home and was beating myself up, I guess I still feel the need at times to punish myself for who I no longer am. Then I got a text from a friend and a email from another at the same time, both of which knew nothing of what I had been feeling. These messages were so encouraging and the exact reason why I love how God shows up through other people at just the right time. Here is a portion of the text: "You're an amazing, courageous lady! Your desire and ability to speak out, expose the truth, and encourage others to use their voice is an amazing gift to both yourself and others. Please don't ever let Satan trip you up to feel anything less. Remember, who you were has lead you to be the wonderful person you are today." Yep, that is what she said to me while I was punishing myself but for what reason? I am no longer that girl or victim. There are so many truths of who I am and even more of who I am not. So why do we still pull out the old record player of lies and put it on repeat? So, today I am thankful I have friends that love me, speak truth into me and most importantly listen when God is talking. It's life building and encouraging to know you have people, real people that care and are there, always in your corner. We should all have at least one of these kind of friends.