Thursday, June 21, 2012

How The Ticket came to be.

In October of 2007, I went to a women’s conference with my best friend; there was a group of close to 50 women. I reluctantly went, as I was aware that I would not know anyone other than her. At that time in my life, large groups, and worse than that a large group of women, intimidated me to the fullest. I went, sat in the back row listening, and all the while my heart was being worked on by God.   Sunday morning was the last session and as the speaker was wrapping up, I felt compelled to thank her for the weekend.  As I stood to say thank you, it was almost like my feet had a mind of their own. I, the shy woman with very few words, started walking to the front of the conference. I stood up there with my legs shaking,  a red face and said, “Thank you for allowing me to be part of this and making me feel comfortable." Just as I started to head back to my seat the speaker, Nancy, said, “The Lord gave me a word for you! You are going to write a book to help girls that have gone through what you have gone through!"  I nearly fell to my knees!  How did a woman that didn’t know me, know that I loved to write but had never shared that interest with people?  You see, I grew up with dyslexia; and my reading and writing have never been what the world would call that of a writer. Even more surprising to me was how did she know what I had been through? How did she know my heart? When I left for home, I was certain that the book would be a biography or something along those lines; however, as you can see, God has different plans for us than we have for ourselves. A few months later I was driving in my car and as clear as day, I saw the book. I saw how it looked and the complete idea of The Ticket.  God gave me a vision of how it would be used as a powerful tool to help children. God showed me that He was going to use this book to help so many children out of sexual abuse!  I sat on that Idea for almost 4 years until this past September (2011) when I felt it was time to start writing The Ticket.  God has led me through this entire process and the passion behind this book runs deep in my soul. My heart cries for every child that has ever had to, and is currently, facing the indescribable pain and torment that comes from being a victim of sexual abuse. But, I also know that there is freedom and hope for these children. They can overcome, conquer, and become the awesome child, and adult, that their predator tried to steal away. It is my prayer that The Ticket reaches every school, doctor’s office, DES office, therapist office, and anywhere else where God can use it to reach these children.