Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Lets all become unstoppable

The biggest lie we have told ourselves and many of us have lived out in believing, is that we have limited our  potential and diminished who we know we truly are. We all have that inner dream, calling, and passion. I know I always did, but I diminished my potential and passions out of fear. I have slowly come to realize that we can't be afraid of what some might think, because they will throw judgement at us regardless if thats their heart. We all have walked through a road and journey that is unique and customized to us. We all have gifts, talents, and what a injustice we are doing to this world if we are not authentic with what we have been given. We were created to impact the world! Do we truly believe that? The world? You are so unique that no one else can do what you were placed here to do. Follow what you are passionate about, it was placed there for a reason. You  will get the most fulfillment by pursuing that calling! Can you imagine a world of people all following their hearts and callings? Powerful! Unstoppable!