Monday, July 30, 2012


I received an amazing phone call this past Saturday from Trafford, who is the publisher of The Ticket. They congratulated me on being a published Author, it was a surreal moment to hear my name in the same sentence as Published Author. What this means is, The Ticket is available through and through Amazon and Barnes and Noble. here and here
One thing I am learning through this journey is, if you wish to stay an introvert,  then publishing a book is not ideal for you. I believe God gets a big kick out of pushing His children to stretch more and more out of their comfort zone. Each day I am reaching out and talking about this book and the passion behind it. I am doing so in ways I would never have dreamed of seeing myself do. When you learn God has given you a voice and for a reason, it would be a horrible waste not to use it as He has called you to.