Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Waiting and Blessed

Waiting, that is what this lady is doing. I spoke today to my publisher, who reassured me, that The Ticket would be available for purchase sometime this week. It will be available through their web page, Trafford.com. It will then go "live" to other retailers within two weeks from the date that is available on Trafford.com. So please know, I too, am patiently waiting to being able to hold a hard copy of this dream in my hands. This is the hardest part;  knowing The Ticket is all done but, still waiting.  Through The Ticket, some pretty cool things have already happened. I had the opportunity to go to the Arizona Supreme Court and speak with some phenomenal people regarding sexual abuse and how The Ticket can be used as a tool in helping children out of sexual abuse. I also talked with them about how to make sure the book is available for every child to have access to. Amazing! That word doesn't even come close to describe what wonderful  people we have working at the Supreme Court of Arizona, or how big their hearts are for children.   Please continue to share Graciesticket.com with any teachers, pediatricians, counselors, and caregivers that you may know. Anyone that is a constant person in children's lives. "Because every child deserves a ticket out!"