Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dad's that are making a forever impression

Have you ever heard the quote,”A Dad is a son's first hero and a daughter's first love"? Well, that quote is completely true in our home. When my husband, Ben, walks in the door from work, I can be sure of a few things: I can be certain our home will get louder, there will be tons of wrestling, lots of running from dad as he chases our kids around the house with a Nerf gun, or sneaking outback while they play, with water balloons to toss at them. There will be screaming, lots of laughing and even a child or two getting hurt from the rough housing. There will be many "Dad guess what happened today" being said and many hugs. He is such a gentle giant; one that teaches his family the love of Christ by his openness to love, and be loved. I have always called him a silent leader; he may not have a million words to speak, but he makes every word he speaks count. He takes our children hunting, hiking, and fishing. And, that very same man will also paint his daughter’s finger nails and let her paint his. Children need Daddies, ones that are present and transparent, ones who will change diapers, do story time and will enjoy introducing his children to his own hobbies. Being active, and present, in our children's lives will not ensure that abuse won’t happen.  However, our presence, and involvement, will ensure a greater chance that our children will tell us if there is abuse, and they will have the knowledge that it is wrong, and the confidence to speak up. It is more common for us to hear of active and present moms, but there are a lot of dads who are nurturing healthy hearts in their children too.  I think we should talk much more about rockstar dads; it makes my heart happy to see them in action!